We provide family advisory services to structure the affairs and more specifically the family capital in its various forms, within a family corporate governance framework. We will, among others analyse the current family corporate governance and record the vision, values and culture of the family applying the Family Leadership Model©.

Families are an ageless reminder that each generation is linked to the past, woven into a larger historical setting. We work in partnership with the LumenRock Group.

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DölbergPremium provides financial support in terms of funding and funding solutions. We have a twofold approach, on the one hand we raise funding with reputable, large financial intuitions, with an appetite for African asset finance and trade finance exposure. Our approach is to partner, in the appropriate structure, with the correct financial institution to ensure adequate financial resources are available for investment into asset and trade finance opportunities. Our focus is mostly on rental and trade finance solutions, with a strong support from well-known suppliers. Partnering with suppliers to service our client’s base provide a strong successful mechanism for managing risk. Premium, with more than 3 decades of brand experience, brought a strong foundation of brand partnerships, that enhances the way we provide finance solutions.

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At DölbergPremium we import, distribute and build high quality brands that enhance the lives of our clients, with an aspiration to be the market leaders in each respective industry. At present, we represent more than 50 brands through a retail network of 3900 retail stores.

We have been specialising in quality brands since 1972 and we continue to ensure that market share of the brands we represent shows sustainable growth. We have a clear competitive advantage in building brands, understanding the ownership of our clients and are in a position to finance suitable opportunities.

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