The DölbergPremium Group is an international financial services, professional advisory and distribution company. Premium Group was founded in 1972, the Dölberg Group in 1999 with the combined DölbergPremium established in 2016 by Stefan van der Walt, Heinrich Odendaal, Kamil Patel and AJ Coetzee. The Group owns or has significant holdings in a number of businesses in various jurisdictions. Our aim, to build DölbergPremium into a well-respected and diversified organisation that will serve the people and the businesses of Africa, is fuelled by our passion for business, Africa, and its people.

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.

-Steve Jobs


DölbergPremium specialises in the provision and facilitation of advisory, financial support and distribution of respected brands to our clients. We are an international financial services group with a diversified product range, providing services from Botswana, Hong Kong, Mauritius and South Africa. Our business story started in 1972, with Premium importing, distributing and building high quality brands that enhance the lives of customers. Dölberg, have been founded by the direct descendants of the Dölberg family and after 850 years of recorded history, the Dölberg family name and its legacy are still thriving.

DölbergPremium is committed to providing a valuable service, addressing the challenges of cash flow optimisation, balance sheet management and maximizing assets, which clients and businesses are facing today. Our approach is to constantly assist our clients by improving our level of service to ultimately achieve our goal: living excellence.

The DölbergPremium Group has a very entrepreneurial focused and dynamic culture. The combining of two well respected groups gives DölbergPremium the entrepreneurial edge that makes us stand out from our competitors. The combined experience of all the founders and staff ensures continuous success in business. DölbergPremium is well established in South Africa and respected for its contribution to building globally recognized brands locally.


Our understanding of the dynamics of a family business ensures that we have specialist knowledge of medium size enterprises, serving the customer and above all – Africa. We are well-positioned for the African market through:

  • understanding and contributing to Africa, with knowledge gained over the years from our own experience within the DölbergPremium Group;
  • access to capital through the relevant structures;
  • focusing on the medium size enterprises with turnover between US$ 1 million and US$ 200 million, often with family ownership;
  • aligning with other reputable financial institutions in Africa to provide robust funding solutions;
  • managing and expanding for more than 3 decades our network of quality brands that we represent;
  • ensuring stability to our family clients by supporting them with appropriate structures and leadership solutions.

This has enabled DölbergPremium to carve out its own niche in the African market, ensuring customers can capitalise on tomorrow – today.